• The tragedy of text-based marketing mediums

    A few people strolling by saw a cool and catchy poster featuring your product/service. How long did they stand to look at your poster? Did they read the entire thing or merely glimpse at it and walk away? Do you know if they ever went back to look at your poster again?

    No, you don’t know—and you can’t know. But it’s not your fault! This is the inherent limitation of text-based mediums—they don’t let you see consumption behavior the same way videos can. You don’t know how impactful—if at all—your marketing campaign was. You don’t know what went wrong to avoid doing it and you don’t know what went right to do more of it.

  • Put first things first

    You can create an entire, well-developed marketing strategy, but if you can’t measure it’s impact—its succesess and failures—what’s the point?

  • Memorable and measurable

    There is more to video than the video itself. Behind the layers of stories, demonstrations and animations is a pot of gold! Videos are linear in nature, bound by time and measurable. By tracking individual viewer’s engagement levels, collecting data on the click-through rates, drop-off points, and number of replays, a perfect picture of your audience’s consumer behavior is illustrated.

  • A skyrocketing tragectory

    This valuable collection of data can help us identify what went well and what could have been improved. Because we all know there is a big difference between someone who stopped your video at 5 seconds, and someone else who watched it twice and till the end. To sum up, our super-smart, tech-savvy analytics team can give you a pretty awesome summary of your overall video marketing experience. And we’re confident that the results will impress you.

SkyConverion is right for you!

Video analytics is almost as important as the initial production. By collecting data from the online spaces and social platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube harboring your video, we can monitoring your video’s performance as it relates to ROI. Here at SkyConverion, we are confident in helping you to turn your video to a lead generation machine, locate the right video in the right place for future endeavors, identify the best strategies for your every video marketing experience!