Needless to say, different kinds of videos perform better when used at different stages throughout the funnel. Using the custom-designed marketing strategy that we worked with you to create, we will tailor a video production process to meet your business’s every need!


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    Establishing set goals and defining what success means to you will help us to deliver a motion-production fit for your needs. What is your ultimate purpose? What is the video for? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you explaining a product? Are you persuading prospects to buy? Are you encouraging your audience to join an effort or subscribe to an organization? Answering these questions is critical to choosing the right video type for you!

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    It’s not the number of views that define your video’s success. Your video might not be for everyone. What matters most is who’s receiving your video. Are they part of your target audience? Reaching the wrong crowd is like running in sand—you’re exerting a lot of effort, but getting nowhere. It’s important to direct your efforts to the potential customers who are more likely to care about your product or service. Identify your target audience to make sure video content caters to the things they care about most!

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    The real meat of your video is the content. In our modern fast-faced world, humans have very low attention spans—which means that your video’s content ought to receive special attention. There is no time to waste because every second matters! We will work with you through the funnel to make sure that every second is packed with engaging content that’s sure to capture and retain your audiences’ attention!


    Using super-fancy video cameras and the latest video editing softwares, our professional team of cameramen, directors, editors and producers work hard to produce creative live-action videos with quality up to 4k. Live-action videos are especially powerful when you hope to illicit some sort of emotion from your views because videos appeal to humans on a deeply psychological level. Videos containing people, faces, and voices are relatable and comforting. We’re all naturally drawn to things that are familiar to us—and live-action videos are the closest thing to the real world as we know it!


    Our team at Skyconversion LOVES to create animation videos because the possibilities are endless! Animation videos are both engaging and entertaining—and the limitless quality of animation production drives true imagination potential for thinking-outside-the-box.


    You know those short little boomerang videos on instagram? Yup, those are stopmotion videos and they tend to be little more than a moving picture. Despite the simplicity of its nature, stopmotion videos hold viewers in a trance as their eyes move with the repeptitive rhythmic glides of the dynamic image. These bite-sized videos are short, sweet, cute and much more effective in showcaseing company products than regular photos. Add some spice to your instagram account with this simple but powerful piece of art!

Here are just some of the kinds of videos we make for different companies and for all kinds of purposes

  • Company Culture videos

  • Explainer/Tutorial Videos

  • Product Videos

  • Instructions Videos

  • Thought leadership interviews

  • Campaign videos

  • Testimonials

  • Webinar

  • Brand Films

  • Training Videos

  • Video Emails

  • Personalized Videos

  • Thank you Videos

  • How to videos